Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #87: "The Wait is Over" - We Barbarians

Brooklyn's We Barbarians may not be a household name just yet, but their Headspace EP has the makings of a much larger band, or at least one whose path to stardom is in progress.

ACRN had the EP in heavy rotation throughout much of this quarter, and with good reason. The band's music is chock-full of catchy indie rock riffs and melodies. Listening to them is a relatively straightforward affair -- unlike a lot of music, where one must whittle a band's sound down into a subgenre (or even further... like, "We need to go deeper," some Inception shit or something) to pin it down directly, you don't have to work much at We Barbarians to understand what they're doing.

Some may like this, while others may abhor or be apathetic concerning the spirit of the band. It's true that We Barbarians are fairly straightforward and don't offer too much originality, but it's also quite alright to keep with the status quo, as long as you're doing it right. And that they are.

"The Wait is Over" is the album's centerpiece, beginning with its affecting opening riff. Its jangly disconnect prevails throughout the song, over David Quon's soaring vocals. The music, particularly the production, has the sound of a band early into its career, but if that is the case, then creating something of this caliber at this point in one's career is certainly something to be complimented.

Check out the rest of Headspace for an interesting cover of David Byrne and Brian Eno's "Strange Overtones," among others. But for the best example of a band who may have something big to say in the next few years in indie rock, "The Wait is Over" is the song to check out.

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