Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #54: "Will Do" -- TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio returned in 2011 with Nine Types of Light, their first record since 2008's Dear Science. Call me a cynic, but I expected this album to be swooned over. It seems like every time the band releases a new record, at least one of the big music publications (see: SPIN) ranks the record at No. 1 on their best-of list at the end of the year. The same thing happens with U2, no matter what. Seriously.

So I was a bit surprised to find that the new album did not connect as much as some of the band's past releases. That said, it's still considered one of the better records of the year, with a number of songs ending up on various favorites lists.

Me, I prefer the easygoing "Will Do." Set against an atmospheric combo of fuzzy guitars and a melodic bassline from late bassist Gerard Smith, vocalist Tunde Adebimpe laments the love he has for a figure who doesn't return the feeling.

Compared to previous material, "Will Do" is a bit more straightforward. There isn't much to the song -- Adebimpe's melody is simple, and the rest of the band provides a backdrop of sound rather than trying to compete with the frontman's hushed vocal.

The song is melancholic, but somehow uplifting. Hopeful, but perhaps in vain. Either way, TV on the Radio ended up with another great record in 2011. The band has an amazing track record.

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