Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #58: "Youth Knows No Pain" -- Lykke Li

Stockholm, Sweden's Lykke Li took a turn for the dark on Wounded Rhymes, her sophomore effort. Oftentimes it was gloomy and moody, other times jolting, anthemic and up-tempo. And then there was "Youth Knows No Pain."

"Youth Knows No Pain" sounds as though it was lifted from a trailer for a western, or perhaps a gritty '70s-or-'80s crime drama. It's got a garage rock edge, well-suited for Li's brooding vocal. And check out that organ!

Seriously, Sweden, you've got it going on. Li's voice is innocent enough, a sweet croon with the slightest edge to it. There's a classic feel to the song as a whole. The vocal is very '60s, maybe '70s. Musically, we've already stated the aura it emits. Take note: this is how you do retro.

Wounded Rhymes as a whole is Sweden's response to Adele's 21 -- a sexed-up version, as it were. "Youth Knows No Pain" is Li's "Rolling in the Deep." Just listen to that swagger.

But seriously, can someone use this as the theme song to some hip crime drama set in Vegas with a smooth-talking deadpan lead, wisecracking sidekick and sassy woman judge? This just needs to happen.

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