Monday, December 19, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #61: "Born to Die" -- Lana Del Rey

Where on earth did Lana Del Rey come from? Does anyone actually know?

One moment, no one had even heard of the 25-year-old New York native. The next, she was the biggest new thing since Odd Future. And as with Odd Future, she's polarizing, too -- seems like folks either love her or abhor her. Currently, the love seems to outweigh the hate. Regardless, the songstress hasn't exactly found universal acclaim thus far. (And as an added note, I'm still skeptical. Manufactured pop star? Very possible. But fuck it, I can't deny my feelings for this song. I just can't.)

After the runaway success of first single "Video Games" (which earned multiple distinctions, including "Best New Music" from Pitchfork), Del Rey released "Born to Die" earlier this month to similar acclaim.

Del Rey's self-proclaimed love of Thomas Newman is apparent. The strings in the song are very film-esque, creating an extra depth. Del Rey's music seems highly theatrical and dramatic, judging by listens to her first few releases, so this fits her.

Vocally, Del Rey is moody, to put it best. There's a classical feel to her voice, kind of a Nancy Sinatra vibe (and yet, Del Rey was once called a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra," something the singer refutes). There isn't much of a range to her voice, but what's there is actually quite pretty.

I don't think anyone can accuse Del Rey of not trying at this point. She's now released two straight low-tempo ballads that have people talking. She's performing on Saturday Night Live next month. And again, she literally came out of nowhere.

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