Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #43: "I Wanna Go" -- Britney Spears

After the pop princess returned to form with 2009's Circus, Britney Spears released her highly-anticipated Femme Fatale in March. The record found Spears assimilating into the electronic dance culture that has overtaken Top 40 music, implementing elements of house and even dubstep into the album's songs.

Many were most impressed with "Till the World Ends," with some calling the song the best Britney's done in almost a decade. But besides "Till the World Ends" and first single "Hold It Against Me," there was one other song that really put Spears on the map in 2011.

"I Wanna Go" is that song. A dance tune of a bass-heavy nature, the song cements Spears as one of the top dogs in the genre, regardless of who's writing the songs. The anthemic, throw-your-cares-to-the-wind track features an insanely catchy chorus that may just be Spears' best yet. The fact that this was released as the THIRD single rather than the first is criminal. Had this been released in January to precede Femme Fatale, I can only imagine how much bigger this album might have been.

Vocally, it's not Spears' strongest, but the song doesn't seem to be meant for a powerhouse performance. Her voice sounds more processed than usual, so take that as you will. If you don't mind Auto-Tune or slightly robotic vocals, "I Wanna Go" is going to be totally fine for you. If you're not a fan, head on back to earlier Britney.

Plus, can we talk about that music video for a second?! Hell hath no fury like a woman with an incredibly long microphone wire.

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