Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #45: "Make Some Noise" -- Beastie Boys

And with perhaps the funkiest synthline released this year, Beastie Boys announced their long-awaited return with "Make Some Noise."

Off their Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 record, "Make Some Noise" brought the Beasties back to popular music prominence, after seven years of dormancy. And while it may not reach the highs of past classics such as "Sabotage" or "Intergalactic," it's still a solid release from one of the best out there.

I always have to dwell on that opening synth, which is sort of bass-like. I don't know whether I should make a ton of babies or watch Shaft after listening to it. It's retro, which of course has been a Beastie Boys strength for over a decade now -- with their music almost always sounding as though it was recorded decades earlier.

But rather than talk more about the song itself, I'd like to take the time now to mention the "Make Some Noise" video, arguably the best music video made this year. Short version or 30-minute version -- take your pick. (Actually, I'm picking for you -- I'm embedding the long version. Watch it.) Either way, watch for a homage to the Boys' past, with a plethora of cameo appearances by some big-name celebrities. It's hilarious. I just couldn't get enough this year.

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