Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Top 100 Songs of 2011 -- #50: "Super Bass" -- Nicki Minaj

When it comes to rap, 2011 was the year of Nicki.

Look, OK, Odd Future had a big year, give them that. But commercial success? They paled in comparison to Minaj and most other rappers. Lil Wayne? Come on, we all know Tha Carter IV blew, so let's stop kidding ourselves. Jay-Z/Kanye? I love Watch the Throne, but neither rapper was everywhere this year in the way that Minaj was. Drake had a great year, but he wasn't quite up to this level. LMFAO? LMFAO.

One of the best aspects of Nicki Minaj is that she kind of can sing too -- and she shows it on "Super Bass," easily her biggest single to date. While the song is chiefly rap-based, Minaj unloads a sweet R&B vocal on the chorus and bridge of the song, which may have caused first-time listeners to do a double take and wonder, "Hey, who's that singing on the new Nicki Minaj song?!" No, it's Nicki! For real!

Minaj's singing is what drives the song over the top and into the stratosphere, but every song needs a solid base (LOL OR IS IT BASS), which Minaj provides in the form of her rapping. Minaj is easily one of the most provocative and arguably the top female rapper in quite some time, and it's refreshing to hear such a voice on Top 40 or rap radio.

With "Super Bass," Nicki Minaj proved that she is the total package as a recording artist. And with a hook like that, we were powerless to resist.

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