Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple shutting down Lala

Yeah, I'm pretty ticked too.

Rolling Stone reported this afternoon that, a music streaming site that had recently been acquired by Apple, will be shut down by May 31st. No reason has been given for its closure.

While I did not use the website much, this is still something that annoys me. Lala was a very convenient streaming site; we tended to utilize its playlist feature a lot on, particularly with album reviews and our "Songs That Make You Wanna..." series. The convenience was in being able to add full albums or a playlist of your choice to a story so that you could show your readers rather than just tell them about a song or album.

I've used the Lala feature on this blog myself twice. I like to think it was helpful, though it's hard to say since who knows how many people are actually reading this. I certainly can say that the players helped on ACRN's site. We're going to need to find a new means to post full albums, or even just single songs, for our reviews and features, that's for sure.

At least I've still got my Spotify.

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Andy said...

Cool online music player. Alternative to Lala or grooveshark. Over 8 million songs streaming all free. You can create your own play-list and share it with friends. Fully integrated with Facebook.