Saturday, May 8, 2010

Muse to release new single from Twilight film

"Neutron Star Collision." Sounds spacey, yes? That's not much of a surprise at all if you're a Muse fan like myself; you've gotten songs such as "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Dead Star" over the years, so a planetary feel is certainly nothing new.

The aforementioned song was just announced via Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's official website as the first single from the soundtrack to the next film installment in Meyer's vampire series, known as Eclipse.

This is the first time Muse has written a song solely for a movie soundtrack. Coming on the heels of the release of their album The Resistance back in September, the band is still releasing singles from that album, so the fact that yet another will be released in its wake is interesting to say the least. But Twilight fans love their Matt Bellamy; it's pretty much a given.

The single shall be released May 17th. The official soundtrack drops on June 8th, while the film hits theaters June 30th.

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