Friday, May 14, 2010

Billboard's Top 20 Music Tweets of the Week

I wanted to share this link. Apparently this is a recurring theme that Billboard does weekly, and I really like the idea. I've always found it interesting to find the Twitter accounts of celebrities or even just people I know. I think you see their true colors, what they're really like.

For instance, Lady Gaga's tweets seem as strange as she herself is. is possibly even more outspoken on Twitter than he is in public. And Courtney Love... well, Courtney Love's tweets are about what I'd expect from Courtney Love.

I also like this idea because it gives me a reason not to seek out these artists' Twitter accounts. Not that I would. (Hint: I probably would anyway because I have a Twitter addiction. But you didn't hear that from me.)

My favorite tweet in this group of tweets? Weezer's, no doubt. It's nice to know what they were talking about anyway, but the way they worded it is pretty hilarious.

That and this post reminded me that Elliott Yamin exists.

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