Friday, October 10, 2008

“Pay my respects to grace and virtue”

I’ll admit it– for some inexplicable reason, the songs that I enjoy the most are not songs that I like on the first listen. They take time (sometimes the second listen, sometimes the tenth), but once I give them said time, they leave a lasting impression in my mind that is more or less ineffaceable. Some examples: it took me about three or four listens to get used to my current favorite song, Live’s “Lightning Crashes,” while on the other end of the spectrum, I did not begin to listen to The Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)" until about two years after first hearing it… and nowadays I can rarely inhibit myself from listening to it whenever I walk to or from class. (Quick personal note to self– I always play “Rebellion,” it seems, on the way to Precision Language. Perhaps this song is the reason I am doing so terribly in this class. Perhaps not.)

Why do I tell you this? Basically because of the fact that a more recent song has followed this trend for me. And these days, I cannot go without listening to it on repeat (with a few breaks for “Rebellion,” of course) whenever I am back in my dorm.

No, I do not speak of the new Nickelback song. I do hope that no one expecting that of me; I’d be disappointed if you did.

I am talking about The Killers’ newest single, “Human.”

"Human" was released to the digital world on the 30th of September. Being a dedicated checker of iTunes' Music Store every day, I can count myself among those that listened to it that same day. And my feelings, I must say, were mixed. I just wasn't sure about it.

Five days later, I was hooked.

And then there was the brilliant SNL performance.

The thing that surprises me, I suppose, is the fact that I did/do not consider myself a huge Killers fan. Yet, if their new album (Day & Age, November 25th) sounds anything like the lead single, I might have to change that.

I guess that what appeals to me most is the new sound they seem to be exhibiting. It's slightly reminiscent of an earlier song of theirs, 2006's "Read My Mind," which was the only Killers song on my iPod prior to "Human." It's the electronica-influence that sells it for me. To me, The Killers are becoming a modern day New Order. Don't know New Order? Here's one of their more popular songs, one many will likely know.

I am not saying that The Killers' new sound is EXACTLY like New Order, of course. It is merely what I take from it... considering, mainly, the electronic-rock sound. And as I consider myself a big fan of New Order, you can be sure that I'm loving this.

Of course, there are some nonsensical lyrics that no one's really been able to officially figure out yet ("Are we human? Or are we dancer?"). Precision Language has taught me that THIS IS WRONG. And no one else can seem to figure it out either: some wonder if there's an invisible 's' at the end (a likely story... or not...) that denotes plurality, while others attribute it to an old Hunter S. Thompson quotation lamenting that "America (was) raising a generation of dancers." I like the Thompson explanation better, don't you?

Whatever the meaning, the fact still remains that "Human" is one of the better songs that The Killers have released. I recommend that each and every one of you listen to it... you might like it and you might not; I cannot account for another's taste.

November 25th seems so far away...

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Tony said...

I loved The Killers' first album; hopefully their new one will be closer to that style than their second.

Also, if you're into travel writing, you should definitely check out anything by J. Maarten Troost. His comedic ability is over-hyped, but he's still a great read